Emoji Pillows | Best Kids Deals in Dubai

In today’s world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, emoji have become something we come across several times a day. I fact, our conversations are incomplete with them! So why not bring them in our practical lives too, for example on your pillows?

Emoji Pillows have a vast variety of emojies on them and you can simply choose the one which appeals you the most. Not only would you be tempted to buy them for your bedroom but for a friend as a gift too? We all have that one friend who’d addicted to the smiley emoji, right? Why not gift her/him a pillow with the same emoji? Won’t it be a very thoughtful gift? Or maybe you could choose a pillow according to your friends’ personality?

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The jolly one could perhaps be given the “happy” emoji pillow and the naughty one could be given the “tongue out” emoji pillow. The pillows are available in not just different emojies but in different colors too which gives you a wide option to choose from. Not only are these pillows adorable to look at but are very comfortable because of the polyester fiber filling in them which makes them nothing but the best!

Emoji Pillows are offered by ZAgifts.com in a deal with as low as AED 39 each and this is among the best kids deals in dubai. Lets check some of the images of emoji pillows.

1. main 1 51Lto9MpBTL 514bdpdvieL cool crooked eyes devil embarrassed expressionless grimacing happy & vrying happy round eryes happy sweat love struck shy rosy cheeks stick out tongue sweet tongue throwing a kiss Untitled wink


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