How to lose some serious weight?


In today’s world, weight loss has become one of the biggest problems people are facing, especially teenagers. In fact people spend their entire life trying to lose weight but fail to do so, most likely because of the common misconceptions people have regarding weight loss and diet. We all know the basics, don’t we? – burn more calories than you take in but is not enough to lose some serious weight? Absolutely not! It is actually the combination of exercise, diet and a few lifestyle changes what will help you shed off those unwanted pounds.

Losing weight is not one day or one month thing; it is in fact a lifestyle change. It has to do with not just your eating habits but with your sleeping cycle and daily activities too.

The beginning of the process of weight loss starts with a calorie journal where you will jot down all that you consume in a day. Once you have in written before your eyes what you eat in a day only then you can actually cut down on some of those unwanted fattening foods. Then go to online shop selling health products, buy some workout clothes as you have to do exercise to make you slim besides the food plan.

The second step is actually a combination of a few things to do. Like mentioned earlier, weight loss is a combination of diet and exercise. If you’re eating salads but not moving all day, you shouldn’t get your hopes high because it won’t work that way. Similarly, If you go to the gym daily but are eating fried foods and sugary things, you won’t be losing some “serious” weight, maybe just a bit.

Some foods are known for their fat burning and metabolism accelerating properties like green tea, celery, grape fruit, watermelon etc. You should read reasons to add green tea in to your daily diet. Try to make these foods a regular part of your diet and consume them as much as you can.

Think of it this way –the more you eat these foods, the more calories you are burning. Along with that, try to completely eradicate fried food and sugary items from your diet and satisfy your sugar craving by natural sweet like fruits. Fruits can facilitate your sugar cravings without adding many calories to your system. Proteins are known for staying for much longer which implies that you won’t feel hungry again and again so consume high protein foods such as meat and lentils because a) they are low in calories and b) they are filling so you don’t eat much after them.

Then come your physical activities. If you’re sitting in an office all day, that’s the worst thing that you could possibly do to yourself! Move as much as you can. Take that flight of stairs instead of an elevator. Walk to your work place.

These are lifestyle changes that you will have to make in order to shed off those unwanted pounds! Make sure you do some cardio exercises at least thrice a week may it be running or brisk walking or cycling. The combination of fat burning foods, and exercise is what will really work on you so what are you waiting for? Move move move!


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