Sensitive Skin Care Tips


First of all, you need to identify your skin problem. How to know whether you are suffering from skin sensitivity? If skin products, natural or manufactured irritate your skin and cause itchiness, burns, rashes or causes any sort of discomfort to your skin, you for sure have a sensitive skin problem. However, worry not, because this article is all about how to tackle sensitive skin that too while staying at home.

To start with, carefully purchase all your skin products. Go through the components of the product you have chosen and carefully check whether it contains any such substance which you are allergic too. In case you do not find any product that may be suitable for your skin, go to the herbal section. People with sensitive skin are more prone to using natural herbal products because of the absence of chemicals in them. Secondly, whenever you are using a new product, make sure you first test it on some relatively insensitive part of the skin like say your hand and wait a while. If nothing odd happens, apply it to your face.

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The one thing no one is possibly sensitive to is water. For people with sensitive skin, it is essentially important to hydrate your face and in order to keep the pores clean to avoid infection etc. so wash your face as many times as you can in a day but avoid using soap or any face wash each time because it may cause dryness. Simple plain water works like magic. Another very important tip woman with sensitive skin should keep in mind is the makeup they wear. Do not use old makeup, preferable not any older than six to nine months as makeup tends to get contaminated after a while. Use fresh makeup and get smaller packs so that they don’t last for more than a few months. This way you can keep using newly manufactured products and avoid skin rashes etc. which are usually caused by makeup that goes bad. One of the major culprit of skin allergies in the sun’s ultra violet rays so avoid going in the sun as much as you can. Constant exposure to the sun especially for people who are lightly pigmented causes skin rashes and sun burn. In case you do have to expose yourself to the skin, make sure you apply a good and strong sun block that protects your skin tissues from the harmful UV rays.

Lastly, your diet has a direct correlation with your skin problems. Healthy eating habits for sure will make a difference. Make sure you consume detox foods like celery, tomatoes and fresh juices to keep the toxics which further accelerate allergies, out of your body. Also, keep your body hydrated i.e. drink as much water as you can, preferably nine to 1 glasses a day. Some foods are known for making allergies and skin sensitivities to go worse so make sure you are aware those items so that you can abstain from consuming them.


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